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Study in China

Education counselling is an interesting profession, one where we are dealing with people’s futures and dreams. Throughout such a career you will meet two types of people: the serious students and the travelers. These are fundamentally different...

Top Tips for a Tip Top Portfolio!

Whether you’re applying for a job or a new school, your portfolio is one of the most important elements in your application in the design and art field. It is a collection of your best projects and works that reflect your creative abilities and talent...

Guarantee your future from education to employment

Life’s Rules Life has some basic rules, the most prominent of which is: “To get a good job you need to go to a good school.” But for most Lebanese students, and a major chunk of the international student population, a very important...

Study Work and Live Abroad

Throughout our extensive time dealing with study abroad candidates here at Studypedia, we have learned many things. From the most popular study destinations among Lebanese students to the most important factors that guide their decision making process....

5 things you need to know about getting accepted to university

You can get in. Really. College admission isn’t as competitive or as tough as you might think. Fewer than 100 colleges in the U.S. are highly selective, which means they accept less than 25 percent of applicants. Close to 500 four-year colleges...

Land Your Dream Job Through Studying Abroad

Study abroad can and will change your life. It will expose you to new experiences and people from all walks of life. It will give you confidence, build your character, improve your problem-solving ability, it will even teach you to be comfortable in...