Accademia Del Lusso

At a Glance

Accademia Del Lusso is the School of Fashion & Design in Italy specialized in training key professional figures in the fashion, design and luxury sectors. Our main school site is on Via Montenapoleone, an inspiring location at the heart of Milan’s fashion district, and a mandatory stop for whoever wants to come into contact with the inner core of the fashion world.


The School was born with the aim of connecting the needs of the job market with the aspirations of those who want to begin or develop their career in the Fashion, Design and Luxury System. The school’s mission is to transform the passion of young and talented students into a profession, shaping them into well-rounded professionals with a global perspective, who stand out in today’s competitive job market. The international quality of courses combined with the expertise and experience of our professional teachers and a practiced teaching method give students a multidisciplinary study experience that both encompasses the very latest innovations from the fashion & design world and is directly linked to the real demands of the luxury sector.

Teaching method: proven, dynamic and avant-garde

Innovative yet experienced, the School’s teaching method combines theoretical learning with practical experienceto create a training environment that allows students to develop a broad ranging skill set as they study Fashion & Design in Italy. Courses have limited class sizes, making teacher-student interaction genuine and dynamic.

Teachers: working professionals

All of the teachers at Accademia Del Lusso are expert working professionals and have roles within business in the fashion, design and luxury sectors in Italy. Either working for well-known fashion brands and businesses or owning their own company, teachers are students’ first point of contact with the real world of work. This makes for a very authentic learning experience and means that students are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends in the fashion & design industry. There are frequent opportunities for students to meet face-to-face with industry professionals and visit important businesses and brands.