Accademia Del Volo

Accademia del Volo offers flight training courses in accordance with EASA regulations and under the authority of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority – ENAC. Our flight instructors have many years of experience and are passionate about sharing their expertise with the new generation of pilots, leading them to become proficient in all aspects of their training, from theoretical knowledge to practical ability. There is a high request for pilots to meet the demands of the global aviation industry. Ever more suitably trained and qualified pilots are required to fly and maintain the growing world fleet. Predictions of the need for new pilots over the next 20 years are impressive in all world regions, as a short research on the internet shows to be true; and this trend is set to continue. Due to the shortage across the globe for pilots, most newly trained cadets successfully find a job within a very short time after finishing their training.

Pilot training courses

  • In accordance with EASA regulations
  • Train in an environment respecting the highest safety standards
  • Up-to-date teaching methods and equipment
  • Small class sizes means a quality training experience
  • PPL (Private Pilot License) and ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) courses available