Study in Austria

Austria is the arts, culture and classical music capital of the world! Home of the legendary Mozart and the great city of Vienna! Voted as the number one city in the world for quality of living; Vienna remains as enchanting as its legend suggests. From the magnificent architecture, the beautiful scenery to the amazing people. It exemplifies all the good parts of humanity and none of the bad. Vienna is even home to some of the world’s best institutions of higher learning and better yet they are EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE! Austrian education regulations determine that higher learning in Austria is to be extremely subsidized by the government leading to nearly free education.

Why Study in Austria

  • Extremely Affordable Education
  • 40% of state universities are world ranking (QS, THE, Shanghai)
  • We will only register you at a top ranking university
  • More affordable living compared to UK, USA, CAN, AUS etc…
  • Permission to work and study (up to 600 euros/month)
  • 3 years education
  • Study in English
  • Schengen visa (Travel to almost 30 countries without visa)
  • Guaranteed stay permit after graduation
  • Chance to become European Union (EU)
  • One of the safest counties in the world
  • Most livable place on Earth