Free Education Counselling to Germany

Our senior education counselor specializes in Germany’s educational system and is willing to help out with the all of the necessary steps to take. One of his responsibilities is to guide you to your best option. This will include things like the candidate’s current academic status, job history, and interests. From this profile, the counselor will produce a list of all the suitable universities that best match the applying student.

University Placement Services

Based on the profile and the counselor’s recommendations, the student will choose the University tailored for his choice. But not to worry, we will then provide assistance through every step to help the student with the application process to produce a student placement offer. This offer will either be a conditional one or an unconditional one depending on each student.

CV and Essay Coaching

As part of the placement offer procurement process, the student must supply the University with a copy of your CV as well as a personal statement that will serve to show your purpose in joining the latter. Seeing as how delicate and crucial this step is, we coach our students as they attempt to draft and write these documents thus increasing their chances of getting accepted in one of their top 3 university choices.


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