Hats that are one size fits all can often tighten around the top of a dome or fall over a whole head. But when it comes to international education, study abroad in Italy just may be the perfect fit. After all, more than 32,000 international students travel there a year, and they all have different interests and stay in different locations of the country, yet all seem to love every second of their experiences. Would you accuse 32,000 of your peers of being wrong?
Know that you don’t have to understand the Italian language to get around, since so many tourists and international students travel to Italy each year, and because the Italian people are friendly and helpful, and most speak English.
Also know that, from the literary works of Dante to the scientific advances made by Galileo, one thing Italy provides students with is the ability to choose. They can choose what to study, where to study and how to let loose and have a great time.


  • IED Istituto Europeo di Design
  • ISD Istituto Superiore di Design
  • Accademia del Lusso
  • Scuola Radio Elettra
  • Accademia del Volo
  • La Scuola di Cucina