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Mohamed Issa El Kadi

Managing Partner

The scope of 14 years of professional experience includes training, education counselling, event management, recruiting, business development,records management, market research, customer service, social media and marketing communications. Mohamad holds extensive experience in operating within a multi-cultural multi-faceted business environment, which allowed him to manage hundreds of successful student applications. Mohamed holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law from Beirut Arab University with honours, a Diploma in Business Management from Oxford College Sydney, and a Master of International Trade Law from the University of Technology Sydney. Mohamed was also offered the chance to be the first honouree from the Middle-East to give the farewell ceremony speech in Autumn 2008 on behalf of UTS international students. Mohamed has successfully completed the ICEF Agent Training Course Formal Test and has become an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (#ITAC 0257).

Hicham Kharroub

Education Counselor

Hicham has provided consulting services to United Nations agencies in reviewing and editing the language and content of reports on education, disability, and development in the Arab countries. Hicham holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the Lebanese American University (LAU). He has taught at AUB in the University Preparatory Program (UPP). He currently teaches at LAU, and is a presenter at many international conferences and universities in the USA and Canada, among other countries. Moreover, Hicham offers educational counseling and guidance whilst relying on an extensive network of academic and professional affiliations. Hicham is a member of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and PEOI Teach-Online Community. He is also on the Distinction List for Scholastic Achievement at LAU, and holds the INMAA Award for Academic Excellence.

Nour El Chedrawi

Senior Education Counselor

A member of our team of expert counselors, an experienced environmentalist, and economist by degree, Nour has earned her Master qualification in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge. Prior to Cambridge, she worked at the United Nations Environment Program in Geneva developing environmental management plans for the financial sector in Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region. Nour received her B.A with high distinction in Economics and Finance with a minor in Legal Studies from the Lebanese American University. Nour enjoys helping distinguished students to apply to top ranked universities worldwide – within the scope of Studypedia Premium Package – including but not limited to Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University, London Business School, Cornel University, Yale University and Imperial College London.

Sarah Khalife

Education Counselor & Admissions Executive

Sarah holds extensive experience in customer service and administration, in addition to receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Foreign Languages from USEK in 2011. Sarah is primarily responsible for providing comprehensive administrative and staff support, along with managing company financial statement and student accounts. Other job duties include, but are not limited to management of all student admissions, together with maintaining a healthy relationship with schools and universities. Furthermore, Sarah provides counseling and guidance services to students who wish to study abroad. Sarah has successfully completed the ICEF Agent Training Course Formal Test and has become an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor (#ITAC 0788).

Rebecca Rogers

Elite Kaplan Certified Instructor and Senior Education Counselor

Becca is a British, CELTA qualified, English language teacher with a range of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) experience. As part of her university studies, she taught English in Syria to mixed groups of adult and teenage Palestinians in Yarmouk and in France she taught English to high school and sixth form students, to French teachers teaching other disciplines in English and as a private tutor for exam preparation. In 2011, she earned her MA Hons in Arabic and French from the University of Edinburgh and went to Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean to continue teaching English. After working in Learning and Development for England’s largest family charity for over two years, Becca trained as a Kaplan SAT instructor and an education counselor for students wishing to study in the UK. Becca enjoys giving students the skills and motivation to achieve their best score on Test Day as an SAT instructor and working with students to plan the best academic future as an education counselor. Becca loves traveling and is passionate about everything the UK has to offer, so she is keen to help students travel to the UK to continue their education.

Adel El Mawla


Adel El Mawla, inborn entrepreneur, has received a full scholarship to study Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut. At 17 years old, Adel started organizing events for the youth, and at the age of 18, he founded A.M. productions, managing and organizing events in main Lebanese venues, bringing the Lebanese community and international artists together.
In 2013, Adel co-founded Fouad Sarkis Couture in Istanbul, an international evening dresses brand available in stores in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Then in 2014, he co-founded Studypedia and became a partner at 88 café resto.
In 2015, Adel also co-founded MillionK, an advertising and PR agency.

Ryan Osseiran

Marketing Executive / Education Counselor

Ryan has majored in Business Management at the American University in Dubai, and has moved back to Lebanon in the summer of 2015 to join the Studypedia Family. Ryan possesses an in-depth knowledge of the GCC market framework and dynamics, whereas he lived his entire life across the Middle East, namely in Dubai. He acted as a key liaison and promoter in numerous major happenings, such as Lipton related events and the Gitex exhibition for 3 consecutive years in Dubai. Ryan holds strong communication skills as well as a far-reaching knowledge of Relationship Management.
In 2013, Ryan has joined the Red Bull UAE team as a Student Brand Manager, representing Red Bull at his university; he attended all events, trainings, as well as the Red Bull UAE team business planning for new calendars. His main objective was to integrate Red Bull into the student lifestyle through the planning and execution of marketing activities and initiatives so as to merge the Red Bull ethos with university students. He also participated in a wide range of Red Bull events across the UAE, such as Red Bull X-Fighters & Red Bull Air Race.

Melissa Yaacoub

Education Counselor

Melissa Yacoub is a Senior Education Counselor at Studypedia. She started out as an intern in charge of administrative tasks but her position quickly grew to include Education Counseling through Resume polishing and Personal Statement reviewing. She is in charge of meeting with students and perfecting their application to ensure their acceptance to the universities of choice. Melissa studies Psychology at the American University of Beirut and has certificates in Leadership Facilitation as well as experience in Human Resource Management & Recruitment that gives her the necessary skills to help tailor the ideal ‘CV’ and ‘Cover Letter’ for students/professionals.

Rana Hamadeh

Marketing Executive

Rana is a marketing and advertising graduate from AUST. She started as an intern and due to her effervescent personality and enthusiasm in regards of her work she rapidly grew to be a marketing executive. Rana has been an incredible addition to the team because of her knowledge in all of the newly adopted marketing techniques. She is always eager to learn and to keep up with all of the social media trends. This is how she became the head of our social media platforms. She handles the content and design all of our social media posts while managing her team of interns. It is also imperative to add that Rana was working in the Banking Sector. Her experience with Blom Bank enhanced her mastery in our work realm.

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