Swiss Education Academy

At Swiss Education Academy, you benefit from the academic and hotel quality of Switzerland, as well as from an international context where everyone can build friendships with other young people from all over the world.

Your time will be split between visits to local attractions, learning practical aspects of hospitality and social activities. During your stay, you will be introduced to the world of hospitality, fine dining, cultures, traditions and communication skills.

Moreover, you will return with a certificate of participation and a new set of (delicious) skills: you will be amazed at how much you can learn in 2 weeks!

Swiss education offers you different options of camps:

1. Swiss Language Club-SLC:  SLC offers students the chance to learn English, French or German while enjoying a wide range of activities, sports, adventures, cooking and more activity.

2. Swiss Hospitality Club- SHC: This 2-week summer camp is available to students who would like to explore the option of studying Hotel Management, Students get to take introductory Hospitality, Events Management and Communication courses while enjoying a wide range of activities, excursions, sports and more. 

3. Swiss Culinary Club – SCC: This club is for students who have passion for cooking and Culinary Arts and would like to have a taste of what it feels like to study Culinary Arts in Switzerland and start a career in this exciting field. This camp is a one-week program for students aged 16-20 years old and is offered at our Culinary Arts Academy Campus.

All programs are offered in a safe and secure environment and is provided by highly qualified staff, teachers and chefs; campuses provide state-of-the-art facilities, accommodation, dining halls, etc… Where students can enjoy an all-inclusive and comprehensive experience and enjoy meeting students from all over the world. The campuses are all easily accessible and the closest airport is Geneva airport. The camps team will take care of welcoming and taking the students directly from the airport to their designated campus.

Make the most of this unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable summer in Switzerland!