A Flight to a Bright Future

Cabin crew ready for takeoff! Buckle up, we’re going to take you on a one of a kind journey that might change your entire future!

Have you ever considered majoring in something peculiar, highly demanded in the market, and that includes different aspects of different majors? Are you that person that’s just into traveling and almost knows everything about airports and airlines? Well, the perfect combination has come to reality! We present to you Air transport management and planning master’s program! In this program, you’ll learn all about the management and business expertise and skills you’ll need to be equipped with to be able to run the miscellaneous and sophisticated activities of the aviation industry. You are now officially on board to know more about the air transport management and planning masters that is offered in different countries and within spectacular programs!
Imagine this, you are a manager that’s responsible for keeping track of a high-end airlines company’s records who mainly works on analyzing air traffic, forecasting the demand for air services, scheduling airline operations, designing appropriate product features and assessing quality of service and way more! Yes, it is possible! This prestigious major has been on the rise for years now!
Airports are said to be as busy and crowded as beehives, and they most definitely need a well capable manager that could keep the place busy and vigil, yet could facilitate the airline’s work in a smooth and safe way. Still on board? Wait until you know more about the careers and jobs opportunities that can be begotten post graduating with an aviation management degree!
Well, if you’re a big fan of traveling and business at the same time, we’re glad to let you know that within the aviation management program, you’ll study everything from recruiting employees to implementing governmental regulations concerning airline security to keeping track of passenger luggage until they get to their right destination.
With a degree in Air transport, you can become a Flight Operations Manager, Chief Pilot, Maintenance Manager, Engineering and Planning Manager, Safety Manager, Security Manager, Air Navigation Service Provider Manager, Airport Manager, Airline Station Managers and much more!
What about packing your bag, heading to the airport, and taking a peaceful flight to London! Studying in London is definitely a golden opportunity many wish for. So, what about studying “Aviation Management”… and in London! The ever-changing seasons, the exceptional theatre scenes, and the fact that it’s a cultural melting and thriving education spot makes London just the perfect destination to live an exceptional university experience!
This master’s program is offered in several top-notch universities, such as the University of Westminster in London. “Air Transport Planning and Management” program in the University of Westminster is a one-year program that is offered in Marylebone campus in central London!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call, pack your luggage, and say hello to a bright future as high as the sky!

Leen ElKhatib

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