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The Heart of Georgia

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University Of Lund

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A lifetime experience in Europe

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Why Queen’s Belfast Might Be Your New Home

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5 Awesome Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

When you think about modern technology or inventions, it is very rare to think of Canada as a pioneer in the field. But we thought that we should tell you a little about this subject so that you can understand that Canada is not just home of secure jobs,...
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Do you still need an MBA?

This article was originally featured on The Economist. THE master of business administration (MBA) is no stranger to damning criticism. In the 1950s an influential report commissioned by the Ford Foundation lambasted the degree for being weak and irrelevant....
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A Trip to Ottawa

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Algonquin College Visit

AC is coming over for a visit! Algonquin college, one of Canada’s most distinguished colleges is joining Studypedia in a workshop on Jan 23! This workshop is targeted at all of you that are aiming to study, work and live in Canada. We will be joining...
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Final Year at School, Now What?

When nearing the end of your high school education, or even undergraduate studies, many students start dreaming of studying abroad. Those students, armed with ambition, endure a long journey of searching for that fantastic university in the city of their...
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Anas Baalbaki – We’re Proud of You!

Anas Baalbaki is one of Studypedia’s success stories. We have managed to successfully get Anas into Anglia Ruskin University. One of the fastest growing universities in the UK. While There Anas chose to pursue a MSc in International Social Welfare...