When you think of Cyprus, what immediately comes to mind is sandy beaches, the warm weather, partying all night and day, and best of all… delicious sea food! Cyprus nevertheless enjoys a rich history with its integrated Greek Language and ancient monuments scattered all around the island. What is even more enchanting about it is the blend of traditions with Ancient Greece and the abundance of diversity within its population; hence aiding international students swivel right in!

Cyprus is a dream youth destination due to its very relaxed lifestyle and hospitable people; hence making it the perfect study abroad destination for curious young minds to explore what’s out there! Fortunately, while a historic tourist destination, Cyprus is also home to a stellar educational system! With top European universities residing in the heart of Cyprus, not only will you get the chance to learn one of the most ancient languages known to man, but also get to network with students from all across the globe!

If you enjoy basking in the sun, acquainting yourself with the monumental culture of the Mediterranean, and receiving a top-tier education; then Cyprus is the perfect fit for you!

  • Cyprus International Institute of Management CIIM
  • European University Cyprus
  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Neapolis University Pafos
  • Near East University
  • University of Mediterranean Karpasia
  • University of Nicosia