Finland is an ideal place for students wanting to study and explore Europe for its stunning landscape. They can go north during summer when the sun does not set and hike around any of Finland’s 168,000 lakes; while in winter, exploring winter wonderland with cross-country ski trails through Helsinki’s central park and northern lights that dance across the sky.

Finland’s education is recognized internationally as being of a very high standard. Students that study in Finland can take advantage of unspoiled natural resources and an interesting historical heritage.

Finland’s geographical position has influenced cultural expression between Western and Eastern Europe. Today, Finland offers a mixture of tradition and state – of – the – art trendy to visitors like no other.

Finland is ranked 14th on the US News & World Report’s for “Best Countries for Education”. In addition to being home to many high-quality higher education institutions, Finland prioritizes hands-on learning, research, and innovation aimed at improving quality of life.

Finland is in the top 10 in the category of science and technology, which is why it has a high number of foreign students, scientific journals and Nobel Prize winners. Furthermore, and according to the World Economic Forum, Finland’s tertiary education system ranks very high “second in the world”.

Nevertheless, the benefits are not only academic. Finland has considerably lower living costs as well and the tuition fees are significantly low which is most important plus for any international student.