Hailing all Grey’s Anatomy Fans!

If you aspire to be the next Derek Shepherd or Cristina Yang – only British – then we have the right pathway for you! The United Kingdom is the perfect study destination for young minds interested in the medicine field; and here’s why:

A World – Renowned Education

According to the QS World Rankings, 70 UK Universities (including several medical schools) have made it to the list of the best universities in the world, hence offering their students a world-class education that is unmatched anywhere else.

Pioneer in the Latest Medical Technology and Research

The UK is known for its advancement in medical equipment and research; and UK medical schools grant their students the opportunity to learn about them through their coursework, seminars, workshops, and more. Not to mention the high-status state-of-the-art clinical laboratories that medicine students have access to.

Gain Professional Experience while you Study

Most UK Medicine Schools initiate patient contact for students from Year 1 or 2. This creates an environment of fast-paced learning of practical methods aside from the theoretical, and motivation.
Now that you got all psyched about the very interesting opportunity, let’s delve into some of the major requirements for an application to such a prestigious profession. Shall we?
The Complicated World of A levels – or the equivalent
The first and foremost requirement for such an application is the A-Level, a UK-based grading system. It is essential to acquire three A’s with a minimum of one scientific category. Now for us Lebanese, we have two options: we can apply directly through an international baccalaureate degree (IB) or a French Baccalaureate, so that’s an advantage. However, if you are a holder of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or any equivalent local diploma, you qualify to apply for the MBBS Program after going through an extra foundation year.

Personal Statement

This condition is self-explanatory; as a personal statement is required for most medicine school applications for the admissions office to familiarize with the applicant and get to know a personal aspect that is not prevalent in other documents submitted. The personal statement can also include work experience, which takes us to the next criterium.

Work Experience

It is vital to provide some sort of work experience done to qualify for an MBBS. The admissions office will recognize the obstacles facing high school students working, but there are several options to fulfill the needed experience. It can be a volunteer experience or a paid job, like shadowing a doctor, volunteering in a care home, and more.  

Admissions Test

While not all medicine schools in the UK require an admissions test, most certainly value it. Main admission tests include the UKCAT, the BMAT, and the GAMSAT. Studying for the tests is crucial for rightful passage, as they are quite challenging and require focus, a fast-pace, and diligence.


Last but certainly not least, an interview process unique to every university is conducted to further connect with the applicant and judge if he/she is the right pick for the program.
In a nutshell, medicine is an honorary field that requires perseverance, hard work, and endurance. If you are up to the challenge, and to living in one of the world’s top study destinations, contact us to book your free consultation! Let us help you achieve your dreams.

Nathalie Chatila

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