Step 2: Inhale Your Future, Exhale Your Past

Hello (Again), and welcome back to our study abroad preparation series! In step 1, we discussed the importance of our free consultation session, and the brief steps you must take to start preparing for your exciting journey! Now, after the counseling session, we delve into step 2. Preparation of documents is quite vital to be as organized and definite as possible for the venture to be very smooth!
Application Documents: When you have decided upon the university and country of your choice, you should immediately start preparing your application documents. While most universities in the world have a quite similar general application documents list, they also require specific documents tailored for every prestigious one of them. To be quite frank, it is a lengthy process that requires a professional student placement advisor to run effortlessly.
Travel: Yes, you now have an excuse to travel! While this is not an entirely vital step, it certainly is a fun and informative one! When you decide on a country and university, go visit them! Motivate yourself and explore your dream university! Visit the campus, explore the classrooms, perhaps take a tour of the library, …
It is also a chance for you to discover your environment, research student discounts… Inhale your future, and exhale your past! Indulge in local food, explore monuments, unravel the city/town’s secrets… Traveling to sightsee and acknowledge your dream university also opens up several platforms for you to answer any questions you may have, which leads us to the next step!
Contact Information: while you may have thought of emailing your university for answers to your questions, actually receiving a response may be daunting; as universities generally answer briefly due to the large influx of students doing just that! An alternative more personalized option is to discuss any doubts with the alumni association of your desired university! Alumni have graduated from the university with a capacity of knowledge, input, and experience; waiting for eager potential students to pick their brain for just that! Another source of information is professors, as Many definitely enjoy willing learners asking them questions; whilst making a great first impression!
Plan Your Life: just because you are traveling, does not mean you need to alter your whole life! Try to adapt your old lifestyle to your new one by researching your favorite pastimes in the country of your choice! If you love playing a specific sport; or are eager to learn a new one, you should definitely check out your university/area’s sports programs and varsity teams! If you otherwise enjoy outdoor hobbies; several European and Canadian counties offer countless youth programs within their districts for students to join! You may also want to enjoy gym classes, design or pottery classes, Red Cross Department volunteering, and more… investigate your extracurriculars!
In a nutshell, preparation of documents is quite overwhelming, which is why it is especially advised to consult a professional student placement officer; such as the ones at Studypedia, to run a smooth race. Consequently, have fun planning out your limitless possibilities to enjoy your newfound future!

Nathalie Chatila

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