It’s All Fun and Games Until…

… someone is in unprecedented danger.

Concerns rummage through parents’ and students’ minds along when studying abroad becomes an option. While this opportunity is unmatched to this day, it definitely arouses fears for the safety and security of the scholar. Is the district I will be living in safe? Do I have the right paperwork? Am I able to protect myself in case of any unexpected situation? Well, fear not, because Studypedia has compiled a list for you to ensure your utmost serenity whilst enjoying your study abroad Experience! Let’s get started!

The Right Legal Paperwork

One of the many benefits of being Studypedia client is that we provide you with a comprehensive list of all legal documents; from passports to bank statements, from visa applications and legal referrals… that are required for you to ensure a no hassle journey abroad. It is always to check the official foreign government website which usually provides a set of documents required for an international student to reside in the country untouched.

Home Country to the Rescue!

It is very crucial to save your home country’s embassy contact details and address in case of any emergency. The country you are travelling to will most probably have an embassy that represents your homeland to support its citizens in case of any unwanted circumstance (from political upheavals and natural disasters to terrorism attacks). Some contact details include phone number(s), email addresses, physical addresses, and more.
You should also provide your personal contact details (physical address and international phone number) to family and friends back home to keep them updated almost constantly about your whereabouts.

Laws, Laws, and Laws!

Every country has its own set of civil and student laws that affect every citizen, whether local or foreign. Hence why looking up these laws and legislations will not merely save you from any legal trouble, but also help you acknowledge your full rights as an international student! Laws may also benefit you financially; as some countries encourage international students to generate a novel influx in the economic cycle through providing rightful discounts on accommodation, entertainment, sustenance, and more.

Obtain an International Travel Insurance Plan

While many students skip that option, it is quite crucial as it reduces your medical costs in case of any malady. There are many affordable, yet efficient international travel insurance plans specifically designed for international students, so be sure to surf through those options!

Have all the Necessary Numbers

All students should research and save emergency contact details, like an emergency contact (roommate, friend, family, …), the local fire department, the local police station, the local Red Cross (or Equivalent), your Agent (Studypedia)… Another optional step you can take to secure more safety is to create a fire safety and escape plan with the help of your local fire department.
All in all, it is vital to ensure your own and your parents’ peace of mind when embarking on such a thrilling journey! Stay safe and gain tons of experiences!

Nathalie Chatila

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