Montpelier Business School

Montpellier Business School is an institution offering a new approach to training individuals for the responsibilities of senior management in anticipation of a future where inter- and multiculturalism, multilingualism, otherness and global citizenship will be the natural framework for all business activities.
The Group’s will to transmit its values serves as a source of strength, reinforcing the school’s distinctiveness, richness and performance.

The mission of Montpellier Business School is “to train, through our higher education programmes, managers that are strong in their diversity, aware of their global responsibility in carrying out their missions, and able to adapt to changes in local, national and international environments.” (By ‘global’, we understand societal, economic and environmental responsibility).

Montpellier Business School is triple accredited AACSB, AMBA and EPAS-EFMD.

The academic excellence and the quality of the teaching at Montpellier Business School have resulted in significant international recognition, as evidenced by its accreditations.

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