Sprawling across two continents and spanning an incredible nine time zones – having cut down from eleven in 2010 – Russia is the largest country in the world by far. Within its vast boundaries lie some of the planet’s most luxurious palaces, extensive plateaus, highest mountains, coldest cities, strongest spirits, best ballet companies, and largest collections of stacking dolls. In terms of culture, literature is one of the country’s most notable displays; Russian authors such as Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky and Nabokov are celebrated worldwide for creating some of the greatest works of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Russia’s membership of the European Higher Education Area means that Russian universities and higher education institutions have begun to offer a more westernized model of higher education. Over the past decade or so, higher education in Russia has undergone significant change, with 390 billion rubles (~US$6.5 billion) allocated between 2011 and 2015 for upgrading facilities and technical equipment at Russian universities, and improving training for teaching staff.


Additionally, in 2003, Russia signed up to the Bologna Process, pledging to bring its system in line with the majority of other countries across Europe, meaning that many universities in Russia now offer a choice between a four-year bachelor’s degree and a five-year specialist degree.


  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Irkutsk State University
  • Kemerovo State University of Culture and the Arts
  • Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Mordovia State University
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Pacific National University
  • Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design
  • Saratov State University
  • Siberian Federal University
  • Southern Federal University
  • Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Tomsk State Pedagogical University
  • Tomsk State University
  • Ulyanovsk State Technical University
  • Ural State Economical University