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Are you looking for a fun-packed program this summer? Studypedia can help ensure Summer 2020 will be an enjoyable experience filled with educational, interactive language lessons, entertaining activities and so much more!

Be ready for interactive teaching methods and exciting tours, from activity-driven afternoons to entertaining evenings. We offer highly effective educational programs for students ages 8 to 20 who desire to learn and explore a new culture with people from different backgrounds and origins.

Here are some of the options available:

With over 20 years of experience in the field, they have one of the most all-inclusive programs of activities on the market. Their programs enable you to improve your language capacities, focus on the development of verbal communication skills, and be encouraged to use what you have learned during your leisure time.

You can attend summer camp at their campuses in Switzerland, Germany, France or the UK! Alpadia summer camp can provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience with educational and interactive language lessons, entertainment, sports, and cultural activities. Their summer language camp programs offer students the choice of French, German, English and Italian courses combined with an exciting all-inclusive package of activities that enhances learning experiences.

Some of their enjoyable activities include:

  • Creative arts
  • Cooking
  • Fashion
  • Horseback riding
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Karting and more.

Alpadia provides young people from all backgrounds with the opportunity to develop their language skills, make new friends, and have a rewarding experience away from home.

  • Students benefit from expert advice and quality service from the time of enrollment and throughout the duration of their stay.
  • Classes are held in small groups – maximum 14 students – in order to provide a great learning environment.
  • Our language courses include a special Project Language module to encourage students to work together on their own productions, favoring collaboration and project management.
  • With the support of teachers and staff monitors, we motivate students to use their language skills outside the classroom, especially during excursions and sightseeing trips.
  • Throughout their stay, students enjoy professional supervision and a safe environment.

A leading educational travel company in the UK is offering you a summer camp with a wide range of interesting and high quality programs:

  • English & Multi Activity
  • English & Football Academy
  • English & Basketball Academy
  • English & Tennis Academy
  • English & Rugby Academy
  • English & Karting
  • English & Creation of Video Games
  • English & Music studies
  • English & Media

Including sports activities such as swimming, tennis, basketball, bowling, and ice-skating.

Each student will be accommodated in carefully selected families, or in the residential facility.

Students are offered a “second home” which is welcoming and safe. It allows them to become familiar with the lifestyle of the host country, and encourages them to express themselves in English in a friendly and understanding environment.

Residential: Residential stays take place in colleges or in one of the Funcoast World amusement parks. In Cyprus, the stays take place in a hotel.

In colleges – The students are lodged in comfortable rooms with 1 to 8 beds, with toilets and showers on every floor. Full board is provided with 2 hot meals a day. Lessons take place in the mornings and the afternoons are dedicated to visits or sporting activities such as tennis, badminton, swimming, football, basketball, treasure hunts, archery to name a few. Activities are also organized after dinner, such as disco, fashion contests, films, games, etc.

At Funcoast World – Students are accommodated in apartments with 2 to 5 beds; all apartments are comfortably furnished and have their own bathrooms. Funcoast World is a mini amusement park, visited by English families. The site offers a fantastic range of sports and leisure facilities; a fantastic tropical swimming pool with wave machine and giant flumes, an open air swimming pool, table-tennis, tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, miniature golf, bowling, go-karting, funfair, films, beach games, evening entertainment, disco and more.

Join a CATS College summer program to develop your knowledge of specific subjects, universities and careers while gaining insight into the British education system and an understanding of applying to UK universities.

Our two and three week courses are designed for students who are between the ages of 14 and 18, have an English language level of IELTS 4.0+ and want to learn and experience culture in the UK and US.

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about careers in Law, Business and Finance, and Medicine. It will also prepare them for university pathway programs, STEM programs, and Ivy League programs.

The programs will combine interactive workshops and activities led by experts in the field, inspiring talks and lectures that will give students an advantage in their university applications, trips around the UK to inspire them, and a range of activities to encourage them socialize.

Through the Education First (EF) Method, you will be able to learn the language of your destination around the clock, with lots of fun sporting events, activities, and adventurous outings to ensure your summer experience will be a memorable one.

EF encourages experiential learning and interaction with local residents in order to gain fluency. That being said, we place a lot of pride in the innovative facilities found at our language schools. When enrolled in a summer language program, students have access to modern technology such as computer labs and interactive lessons with the use of tablets. Furthermore, our small classroom sizes of maximum 17 students means that our expert teachers can focus on your needs and help you gain confidence along the way.

These courses provide an ideal learning environment for students who want to make maximum progress with 26 or 20 language lessons a week. Focus on communicating clearly in everyday situations by building competency through conversation, accuracy through exercises and confidence through a very friendly environment.

Outside our intensive language training programs, EF organizes various excursions and activities in order to experience true cultural immersion. EF schools are managed by highly trained personnel, which are handpicked by our organization.

When you become a summer foreign exchange student, you have a few options when it comes to accommodation. Feel at home by choosing to stay in our carefully selected EF Homestay, where you can immerse yourself in the culture by living alongside locals in a private home. Given their knowledge of the specific destination, host families might share some hidden gems that tourists can only dream of discovering.

If you prefer to live amongst your classmates, consider living in a residence during your summer student exchange program. Our residences are comfortable, secure and conveniently located close to the city center. Moreover, you will be able to make life long international friends while you explore historical sites and bond over your new experience as a summer exchange student.

A summer camp that helps you move on to the world’s best universities, IBWISE program is based on working with each student to provide thoughtful and practical support to help reach their specific individual goals.

They emphasize a strong focus on the personal needs and strength of each student, applying the highest standards of IB-related expertise to help them maximize their individual academic success in connection with the IB Diploma.

IBWISE have been dedicated in offering highly personalized IB preparation for international students, assisting them to successfully complete their International Baccalaureate Diploma, their IB educators carry no less than 12-30 years of IB experience and most are IB examiners.

IB students (ages 15-19) will be offered optional short courses and an exciting environment with activities and educational programs, and 24/7 care by their camp counselors and interns.

Students board on the IBWISE Campus, which is equipped with 4-star accommodation with shared rooms and en-suite facilities. In addition, the city of Vienna remains to be one of the most inspiring, beautiful and safest cities in the world.

Oxford Royale is one of the UK’s leading providers of international summer schools and year-round university preparation programs. Every year, hundreds of students join from all around the world, seizing the rare opportunity to experience the magic of life as a student in some of the most inspiring universities in the world: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial London, St Andrews, Stanford and Yale. This gives the students the rare opportunity to experience life as a university graduate.

Throughout the duration of their course, students will have the opportunity to be taught by ORA’s experienced and passionate faculty and will enjoy learning in the environment of one of the best universities in the world. Summer courses are available in a variety of arts and STEM subject areas, including Medicine, Architecture, Law, and Computer Science. Qualified, knowledgeable and well-trained members will teach participants and encourage an open-minded classroom environment in which students feel confident to share their views.

The summer courses are complemented by a carefully assembled timetable of activities designed to ensure that students have fun and make the most of their time in the UK. These activities include Oxford classics such as punting and croquet. All programs include coach excursions to some magnificent sites, including Warwick Castle and Blenheim Palace, two of the grandest buildings in the world.

Students will be accommodated in comfortable single rooms in either Merton or University College, depending on the course chosen.

At Swiss Education Academy, you benefit from the academic and hotel quality of Switzerland, as well as from an international context where everyone can build friendships with other young people from all over the world.

Your time will be split between visits to local attractions, learning practical aspects of hospitality and social activities. During your stay, you will be introduced to the world of hospitality, fine dining, cultures, traditions and communication skills.

Moreover, you will return with a certificate of participation and a new set of (delicious) skills: you will be amazed at how much you can learn in 2 weeks!

Swiss education offers you different options of camps:

  1. Swiss Language Club-SLC: SLC offers students the chance to learn English, French or German while enjoying a wide range of activities, sports, adventures, cooking and more.
  2. Swiss Hospitality Club- SHC: This 2-week summer camp is available to students who would like to explore the option of studying Hotel Management. Students get to take introductory Hospitality, Events Management and Communication courses while enjoying a wide range of activities, excursions, sports and more.
  3. Swiss Culinary Club – SCC: This club is for students who have passion for cooking and Culinary Arts and would like to have a taste of what it feels like to study Culinary Arts in Switzerland and start a career in this exciting field. This camp is a one-week-long program for students ages 16-20 and is offered at our Culinary Arts Academy Campus.

All programs are offered in a safe and secure environment and are provided by highly qualified staff, teachers and chefs; campuses provide state-of-the-art facilities, accommodation, dining halls, etc. where students can enjoy an all-inclusive and comprehensive experience and enjoy meeting students from all over the world. The campuses are all easily accessible with the closest airport being Geneva Airport. The team will take care of welcoming and taking the students directly from the airport to their designated campus.

Make the most of this unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable summer in Switzerland!

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