Step 3: Studypedia is at Your Service!

Welcome back to our Study Abroad Preparation Series! In Step 1, we guided you thoroughly through the overwhelming decision-making process of the university, major, and country of your choice! While in Step 2, we helped you delve deep into the ornate preparation of your documents. Now, for today’s blog post, we will be discussing somewhat of a nerve-racking process – submitting and receiving your acceptance! Impatiently waiting for your acceptance letter from your dream university can be absolutely electrifying yet also daunting! Millions of doubts and questions come rushing into your head, hence hindering your positive energy and punctual preparation process! Not to worry though, Studypedia is at Your Service! Now, let’s acquire a briefing of what goes down in this Step!
Submission of the Documents: After you prepare all the documents required for your application, Studypedia takes it from here! We apply to any of the 1000+ universities in 20+ countries we are affiliated with! That’s not all though! While you may have your heart set on one particular university, Studypedia aids you broaden your choice spectrum by applying to as many universities as you like in order to enhance your acceptance rate! Acceptance is almost guaranteed with a professional education consultancy agency like Studypedia, so you just sit back, chill, and wait for the positive results! While we acknowledge how nervous you may be, let’s divert accordingly to our interval step!
Map out your Area: whether it’s a neighborhood, borough, city, or village; it is very crucial to cultivate a very detailed plan of your residence area to begin settling down there and explore your novel way of living! Look up your street, nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, libraries, public transportation routes, and more essential living prospects to start breathing in your novel life!
A pro tip from your most trusted counselors is also to look up student discounts! Several students mistakenly forget to do so, as they can prove to be very beneficial in terms of a myriad of facets. From accommodation to university books, from meal plans to gym classes; countless university/college counties reward their students with a decent living while still on a reasonable budget!  
All things considered, waiting for your acceptance letter is a deemed but crucial step in cultivating the next 1-4 years of your life! Choose to spend that time wisely with Studypedia!

Nathalie Chatila

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