The Heart of Georgia

Georgia is a small country, but don’t let a short timeline stop you from exploring it! From anywhere in the country there are great day trip opportunities and many recognized institutions.

Georgia is a beautiful country shaped by rugged mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows. This amazing country lies in the middle of Caucasus region and has unspoiled natural beauty to complement its unique culture. The country is perfect for hiking, trekking, and exploring at a leisurely pace. The capital Tbilisi is one of the unique capitals in the world because it is surrounded by so many different cultures and therefore got all the good qualities from each neighbor. Russia in the north, Turkey in the West, Armenia, and Iran in the South and Azerbaijan in the East. It’s a great mix and you can see a lot of those attributes everywhere around Tbilisi.

It doesn’t matter where you go but Georgia’s nature will keep you speechless. One specific region you will not forget is the Tusheti National Park, a northern slope of the Caucasian Mountains. And if you are keen on the idea of going deep down in a steep vertical cave, Krubera Cave is just the right thing for you. Hidden among the extremely mountainous region, the Krubera Cave is the deepest cave on the planet and is 7,200 ft. deep. It takes about 27 days to reach the bottom of the cave.

Located in a city of ancient history and rich cultural traditions. Akaki Tsereteli State University is one of the oldest high education institutions of Georgia established 84 years ago in 1933. It ranks 2nd best Medical University in Georgia. It is also ranked among the first class schools by the World Health Organization (W.H.O). They offer 42 Bachelor programs, 52 Master programs and 31 Doctoral programs. ARSU is mostly known for its medical programs, and above that it’s recognized at the International Medical Directories (IMED).

One-step High Medical Education Program, which aims at preparing the specialists with medical academic degrees, having sufficient knowledge of basic medical disciplines and general clinical skills needed for working at medical institutions, also using and preserving moral values and ethical principles in practice. In addition, the pharmacy program aims to prepare competitive and highly qualified specialists, who have raised awareness in public health care politics and whose main skills and knowledge are based on through of pharmaceutical disciplines and harmonizing practical work.

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