Top 5 Study Destinations

Most of the world is interested in studying abroad especially graduated students. Mainly the reasons are, a superb price service ratio, the personality of the locals, or an escape from the national country to start a new life style in another one.
Students tend to go to these six countries, Italy, Spain, England, France, China, and Canada depending on the lifestyle of the country and its living cost.

To start with, Italy has the highest number for international students because of the huge number of scholarships it is offering for international students including their living expense. While the average studying cost is 12000$ with a living cost of 800$ per month.

Then comes Spain, it is a good country to study in and to spend a wonderful holiday. Students choose Spain to study and to enjoy their year. The average cost of studying is from €6,000 per year at a public institution, and €20,000 at a private institution with a living expense that can varies from 650$ to 1100$.

In the third place comes London, which is ideal for students who’ve never been out of the country. They can adapt to the system easily. The average cost of studying and living expense is very expensive although it takes only about nine months which is perfect for time saving. This cost varies from 28000$ to 60000$.

Next, we have France! Students choose France because of its calm ambiance and romantic vibes besides of its high education ranking. The average cost of studying is 15000$ per year with a living expense that varies from of 700$ to 1500$

China occupies the fifth place. Despite its strange lifestyle, choosing China is a very courageous idea because of its high education ranking and its low cost. Most of the time China offers scholarships including also living expense. In addition, beside your studies China has a lot of job opportunities, the student can work on part time job and earn some money.

Last but not least, Canada! With an average tuition of 130000$ and living expense of 900$ per month. Most of the time, students who choose Canada finds it as a great opportunity to stay and continue their life career there.

Sarah Abboud
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