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Koç University – Turkey

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Study in Dublin

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University Of Lund

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A lifetime experience in Europe

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Guarantee your future from education to employment

Life’s Rules Life has some basic rules, the most prominent of which is: “To get a good job you need to go to a good school.” But for most Lebanese students, and a major chunk of the international student population, a very important...
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Understanding the MBA

We all have those moments in life where we wish we had more money, more prestige and a better lifestyle. Everywhere you look you will always find a get rich quick scheme or stories of people who made millions in a year, but here is the truth: those are...
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Sun Tzu : The Art of War

This article originally appeared on the EU Business Schools Blog. It was written by Evan Planchon, a student at EU. I took a few days off before starting the second year of my BBA in Sports Management and over the hot Spanish summer, I decided to sit...
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The Tech Skills Gap: The Paradox!

In recent years an unusual phenomenon is beginning to surface like cloud from the horizon. This phenomenon is characteristically paradoxical. It is the rise of unemployment and underemployment rates simultaneously. This type of paradox seems illogical...
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Brexit Has Happened! But what does that mean for Students?

These past few weeks, “Brexit” was one of the strangest yet most discussed terms that has garnered attention from every major news outlet due to its importance and relevance to the world. Even noted comedian and news critique John Oliver has weighed...
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The one thing 42% of Fortune 100 CEO’s have in common!

In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, individuality and uniqueness are extremely important. Though let’s face not all of us have been dealt a golden hand. Most of us look at the greats of the world wishing we were born with...