Benefits of Foundation Year!

UK has been welcoming students from around the globe to its universities since a long time, and the fact that it is a top attraction for international students is no surprise. Students aspire to live in UK’s vibrant life, diversity, international environment and inspiring business culture.
However, while the UK remains the top option for students who wish to pursue their university studies, not all international education systems qualify students to attend UK’s universities. How do you know if you qualify? Any high school graduate who have studied in a non-British curriculum don’t have direct admission to British universities. But don’t lose hope, studying a one-year foundation program will fill in the gap between the two systems and qualify you for admission.

What is exactly the foundation program?

Foundation program is a one-year preparatory program that includes academic subjects and English preparatory courses. Studying a foundation program is a requirement for international students but adds a year to your degree plan.
Before deciding to change your destination, lets check what are the benefits of this year?
  • Foundation programs will fully equip you with the academic and language skills.

During foundation year you are provided a focused training in English and academic skills. The academic courses can be tailored to best suit your future degree studies, which gives you a strong background in your subject before starting university. Also, the teachers in the program are aware about the different English skills international students have and will ensure by the end of the program that you have the right skill level before starting your courses. Finally, studying at a university level is different than high school which is sometimes a difficult shift. Hence, the foundation program gives you the time to learn the difference and adjust to it while also equipping you with the study skills needed to excel the following year.
  • It prepares you for campus and university life

Enrolling in a foundation program gives you more free time to enjoy campus life. It gives them the time and opportunity to make new friends, meet international students and be part of a group that shares the same excitement. Moreover, it gives you the time to adjust and integrate in the UK’s culture and society.
  • Guarantee your admission!

UK’s higher education is internationally admired for delivering high standards. This makes their educational institutions very competitive. However, succeeding in foundation programs guarantees your entry to study your desired degree with partner universities in UK.

Studying in the UK and its internationally reputed and admired systems is a rewarding experience. Finally, enrolling in its foundation programs is the first step towards an international and global network of friends and a strong kick start for your future.

Roaa Hamadeh

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