Coventry University Postgraduate January 2017 Intake

The January floodgates have been opened! Apply now through Studypedia to one of the best universities in the UK! If you are a graduate looking for the right post-grad opportunity at a leading university in the UK then Coventry University is the place for you. Just take your pick and hit us up!

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Degrees by Subject Group


Degree Course Fees
MA Advertising and Marketing £13,678


Architecture, Building and Construction

Degree Course Fees
MSc Construction Management £12,068
MSc Construction Project & Cost Management £12,068


Biological and Molecular Science

Degree Course Fees
MSc Biotechnology £12,068
MSc Biotechnology with Professional Experience £14,500
MSc Molecular Biology £12,068
MSc Molecular Biology with Professional Experience £14,500


Business and Management

Degree Course Fees
MSc International Business £13,678
MSc International Business Logistics £13,678
MSc International Business Management £12,068
MSc International Human Resource Management £13,678
MSc Global Logistics £12,068
MSc Supply Chain Management £12,068
MBA International Business £14,500
MBA Management £14,500

Computing, Information Technology and Computer Science

Degree Course Fees
MSc Computer Science £12,068
MSc Forensic Computing £12,068
MSc Information Technology £12,068
MSc Management Information Systems £12,068
MSc Management of Information Technology £12,068
MSc Network Computing £12,068
MSc Software Development £12,068



Degree Course Fees
MA Graphic Design £12,068


Disaster Management 

Degree Course Fees
MSc Disaster Management £12,068 
MSc Emergency Planning and Management £12,068 
MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security  £11,280



Degree Course Fees
MSc Automotive Engineering £12,068 
MSc Civil Engineering £12,068 
MSc Civil Engineering (Technical Route) £12,068 
MSc Civil and Structural Engineering £12,068 
MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering £12,068 
MSc Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems £12,068 
MSc Engineering Business Management £12,068 
MSc Engineering and Management £12,068 
MSc Engineering Project Management £12,068 
MSc Mechanical Engineering £12,068 
MSc Oil and Gas Engineering £12,068 



Degree Course Fees
MSc Environmental Management  £12,068 


English and Writing 

Degree Course Fees
MA English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics  £11,280


Finance and Accounting 

Degree Course Fees
MSc Accounting and Financial Management £13,678
MSc Finance £13,678
MBA Finance £14,500


Health and Nutrition

Degree Course Fees
MSc Global Health Care Management £12,068
MSc Global Health Care Management with Professional Experience £14,500
MSc  Pharmacology and Drug Discovery £12,068
MSc Pharmacology and Drug Discovery with Professional Experience £14,500
MSc Public Health Nutrition £11,280
MBA Health Care Management £13,678
MBA Health Care Management with Professional Experience £15,250



Degree Course Overseas Fee
MA Illustration and Animation £12,068



Degree Course Fees
LLM International Business Law £12,068
LLM International Law £12,068
LLM Law £12,068
MA Diplomacy, Law and Global Change £11,280



Degree Course Fees
MA Advertising and Marketing £13,678
MA Marketing Management £13,678
MSc  International Marketing £13,678
MSc  Strategic Marketing £13,678
MBA Marketing £14,500


Media and Communications

Degree Course Fees
MA Communication, Culture and Media £12,068


Oil, Gas and Energy Degrees

Degree Course Fees
MSc Oil and Gas Engineering £12,068
MSc Oil and Gas Management  £12,068
MSc Petroleum and Environmental Technology £13,678


Performing Arts

Degree Course Fees
MA Collaborative Theatre Making £17,787



Degree Course Fees
MA International Relations £11,280



Degree Course Fees
MSc Business and Organisational Psychology £11,280
MSc Business and Organisational Psychology with Professional Experience £14,500
MSc Psychology (Blended Learning) £11,280
MSc Business and Organisational Psychology (Blended Learning) £11,280
MSc Forensic Psychology and Crime (Blended Learning) £11,280
MSc Occupational Psychology (Blended Learning) £11,280
MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology (Blended Learning) £11,280


Visual Arts

Degree Course Fees
MA Contemporary Arts Practice £12,068
MA Painting £12,068

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