Don’t Blink

Study AbroadTraveling and studying abroad are two concepts that more often than not pull us into a dreamy state. They make us start picturing the world and the sheer volume of the things we haven’t yet seen. Somehow we enter this reality where every snippet of information, every idea we’ve ever heard about the outside world becomes infused into one. This is a fact pertaining to all of us. It may just be the one universal truth that cannot be contested an arguing with. The truth that we all want to explore the world that we live in.

All of us old or young are mystified by the concept of traveling the world. Whether it is a dream of climbing the tallest mountains, swimming in the deepest parts of the ocean, or living in the most beautiful cities on earth. Its the embodiment of our ideas of freedom and where we can live them. But despite all of our dreaming and fantasizing life always gets in the way.But does it?

We as a species always have a way of making excuses of why we cannot do something. “It’s too expensive… I have a job… I can’t just travel to someplace randomly…” But here’s the thing, those are all excuses. There is always a way to follow your dreams. Whether its a simple dream of studying abroad or a major dream of starting a new life.

The simplest example is studying abroad. The general concept is that studying abroad is an expensive endeavor reserved only for the luckiest of individuals. But that is simply not true at all! Our company is living proof of that fact. There are currently options to finance your entire education for a mere 7000$ in China, which is less than a year in some universities in Lebanon. We also have found options to study for an MBA for less than 8000$ in UK!

I guess what I am trying to say is this. Forget all your preconceptions and prejudices about any topic. Don’t be lazy and do the work necessary to find out what it takes to follow your dreams. Never settle for anything less than what you want. After all, the world is brim full of opportunities for all kinds of people waiting for us to grab them!




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