Ivy League 2.0!

When one thinks of ivy league schools, the thought of the future elite walking the halls comes hustling by. The dunking of money also rings bells. However, if you want to achieve a formidable education whilst mingling with the world’s elite at an affordable budget; let us introduce you to the newest edition of ivy league schools: les Grandes Ecoles de France!
Les Grandes Ecoles de France are higher education establishments that are omitted from the conventional public universities system. The selection criteria in such programs is ultimately exclusive; as it constitutes mainly of exceedingly competitive exams and grading systems. It is however needless to mention that with highly competitive environments come a myriad of benefits.
There are about 250 grandes ecoles in France, with a very slim student body (between a few hundreds and 3,000) and are generally focused on a specific subject area (mainly business) to ensure maximum learning and specificity.
Aside from residing in historic French campuses with intricate architecture and landscapes, les grandes ecoles offer astounding curricula in terms of education. The MIM master’s in management Grande Ecole Program is a 2-year course with an optional Gap year between M1 and M2. With a procure balance between theory and practice, the program entails an elaborate module with case-based courses in most subjects:
Step 1: Upon acceptance to an elite institute, a general Master’s in Management (MIM), otherwise known as M1, is entertained. A basic understanding of all business-related subjects (Finance, strategy, management, marketing, …) is relayed.
Step 2: Many students decide to take a Gap Year (that does not require tuition fee payments of any sorts) to kickstart their careers through two work experiences.
Step 3: Upon completion of the gap year, students select an area of specialization to pursue an MSc or acquire a double degree (be it in collaboration with a local or foreign university)
There are generally two kinds of MSc:
MSC in 15 months : She can stay one more year in France to seek for a job after her 6 months internship like the Grande Ecole Master
MSC in 10 months : After the courses, she can do a 6 months internship (optional) and unless she finds a job during or right after she won’t have an extension of one-year visa.
The MIM program is a very crucial step for a driven student with a non-business background or a specific area of study within the business scope as it helps them acquire a grand set of skills regarding business administration as a whole. On the other hand, the MSc is for students who wish to delve into a specific area of a formerly acquired general degree.
Students with such a degree have a wide range of career prospects, due to the hand-picked elite alumni network they obtain by gaining such an education from elite French schools. Some prospects include launching businesses, developing a novel project or initiative, and acquiring elite positions in fortune 500 companies.
If you are ready to associate with elite scholars and attain a quality education, Apply Now!

Nathalie Chatila

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