Next Stop….Finland!

From the endless daylight in the summer to the glowing darkness in the winter, Finland is the top most beautiful countries in the world. It is the one of the most magnificent places to watch the northern lights and it has up to 179,584 islands that must be visited if you are planning to study in Finland! And if you are a person who loves nature, Finland is the right place to experience the most amazing views on earth due to its huge amount of trees! Nowhere in Europe has more trees than Finland.

It is known as the world’s happiest country since it values safety when it comes to medical risks, security and road safety. More than that, it’s a tolerant place where there is personal freedom, legal rights, and freedom of speech, religion, and social tolerance, and also gender equality. It is also ecofriendly where it gets most of its energy from renewable sources. This makes Finland the ideal study destination.

Apart from the magnificent nature, this northern gem has added worldwide acknowledgment for its education system. Finland is additionally a standout amongst the most educated countries in the world. Understudy welfare is a key player in the example of overcoming adversity of Finnish instruction. There are many support and guiding administrations accessible for all students.

Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK is located just in the beautiful destination, Finland. An advanced education organization known for its reality class training and modern learning facilities. HAMK has seven campuses in southern Finland.

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is a multidisciplinary institution of higher education. The student is the centre of all our operations and the workplace is the immediate beneficiary. We work for the benefit of the region and we are a solid part of the national and international higher education community.

HAMK has highly qualified lecturers and small class sizes, also it offers diverse and extensive areas of study from bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Law, Engineering and Information and communication, to master’s degree in Business administration and Law.

HAMK has highly qualified lecturers and provide modern learning environment equipped with the latest technology, which make its graduates empowered and equipped to start their career in their chosen fields. They serve the needs of business, industry and the public sector. Alongside their Finnish students, they have foreign students from around 70 different countries

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