Next Stop on the Fashion Train: Chanel in Paris, or Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy?

Ever dreamt of marketing the Chanel infamous Camelia flower jewelry line and managing Cartier Events? How about reporting on Louis Vuitton fashion shows and mingling with world renowned designers, CEOs of fashion and publishing houses, and press at luxurious events? Well, who hasn’t?
Whether it may be in the world’s historical fashion cities (Paris, Milan, London, New York); or the newest emerging locations for an ever-growing hub like Shanghai, Miami, and Rio de Janeiro; the fashion industry is peeking right now! Now, one of the misconceptions regarding this industry is that if you want to immerse yourself in all its glory and vigorousness, you have to be a wiz on pen and paper. That is simply not true! While designers do have to obtain some drawing and digital skills; other careers like luxury brand management and marketing merely require the blinding desire to work diligently and efficiently in a rapidly growing fashion house! Let’s delve into this ornate master’s degree!
Some of the top universities that offer this program include the famed Istituto Marangoni, with its 8 hotspot locations and world-renowned faculty providing the ultimate educational experience right in fashion headquarters. According to the Business of Fashion’s Global School Rankings, it is ranked the 8th globally! The program’s duration is a total of 15 months including a 12-week work placement; hence prepping to soar through the industry with no difficulty! This specific program is offered in Milano, Paris, Firenze, London, and Miami.
Another state-of-the-art innovation hub is the Istituto Europeo di Design; with Pierpaolo Piccioli; the creative director of House Valentino, and Claudio Cutungo; a designer at Giambattista Valli as its notable alumni! It features 7 locations in Italy, 2 in Spain, and 2 in Brazil, and works with top notch fashion houses, from Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, to Vogue and Georgio Armani. Their exclusive 11-month master’s degree in “Brand Design And Management – Wine, Food, And Tourism” is stellar and offers a broad spectrum on not merely fashion, but all things luxury and high-class!

If you are interested to embark on a fashionable and cultural journey whilst combining it with the world’s most admired education at top-ranked universities;

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Nathalie Chatila

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