Step 1: Research, Research Some More, Oh Yeah, and Research!

Welcome to our Study Abroad Series! Through the next couple of blog posts, I will be guiding you through the steps to maximize your study abroad experience!
As you may have perceived multiple of times, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! On that note, the first step to secure your venture abroad is to research, research some more, and then research all the way! There are numerous factors you should consider before taking off on your next adventure! Let’s go over a few.
Country of Preference: do you wish to saunter through Paris’s hip Quartier Latin? Or would you much rather delve into China’s Tech Industries? Are you craving more of a chill New Zealand or Cypriot beach vibe? Or would you much rather cuddle on cold winter nights in Belgium and Austria? Whichever country you imagine yourself residing in; you should always take into consideration a myriad of factors, from weather to recreation; from transportation to language. Luckily, this step leads directly to the next!
Budget and Living Expenses: When initiating the decision-making process, it is very crucial to factor in your budget for tuition and living expenses. Both factors range from country  to country; university to university; and major to major. This is a primary reason for students to approach an education consultancy agency that provides all the necessary details regarding this aspect. Speaking of universities, let’s delve into the next feature!
While other influences like GPA, Date of Departure, and more are also critical, we recommend applying for a free consultation session to secure your rite of passage and kickstart your journey with a trustworthy agency like Studypedia! Stay tuned for Step 2; and until we meet again!

Nathalie Chatila

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