The Advantage of an International Student

This isn’t a story about college ranking. Nor is it a story about that special skill that a certain somebody has that no one else has. It is about the type of information on someone’s resume that will brand him as a great candidate. It is the thing that once you hear about someone, you automatically assume that they are smart, hardworking and in some way unique. The surprising part is that this assumption is normally on point. I am talking about someone who studied abroad.

Thinking about someone who studied abroad, one instantly assumes that that person is different, unique. It is the mystery that surrounds an abroad university, regardless of its rank. It is the idea that this person must have learned quite a bit during their time there!

The idea is simple. Regardless where you study abroad, it will be a challenge. Not just in the academic sense but in the reality of it. For a person to study abroad he must go through a grueling application process.Starting from the requirements of the particular university all the way to the visa application process. It is even more impressive when the applicant is a student from a third world country where the visa process is even more complicated![/one_half]
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Things get even worse when one considers the number of exams the applicant must take and the high results he must achieve. This process is so grueling, that companies like “Studypedia” have been set up with the sole purpose of making the process easier.And things don’t get easier for the student even after getting accepted. This person is thrust into a completely new environment that he knows little or nothing about, and is expected to adapt fast. The student needs to learn how to survive in a new country as well as maintain his grades. Most students who travel end up picking up a part time job to pay for living expenses.

All in all, studying abroad is a grueling but rewarding experience. And the stereotypical image printed upon the student is in fact well earned. Regardless of the grades the student achieves, the experience he/she attained will be more than enough to boost his standing amongst his peers and potential employers. This kind of stereotype is in fact, positive prejudice!

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