The Road to Financial Innovation

Interested in becoming a part of a highly demanded and constantly evolving market? Do you want to play a role in modernizing the global financial system and implementing sustainable technological development in financial services?
The infamous technological revolution occurring nowadays didn’t leave global banking and finance sectors behind. The mixture of finance and technology, also referred to as Fintech, has gained wide popularity and received special attention from business insiders; as shown by an increase to $112 billion in Fintech global investment from 2017 to 2018. Features like fast accessibility and convenience of online services have prompted a growing demand for skilled professionals who can meticulously combine technical background with a fresh outlook on the industry. Blockchain is a powerful technology that has also caught the eyes of many due to its unique aspects of being tamperproof and decentralized. It is broadly used to underpin cryptocurrency; with the most recognized ones being Bitcoin and Ethereum, later impacting real-world financial transactions.
The beauty of the global financial web is that one can never anticipate what, where and when the next breakthrough will be. Since the beginning of 2015, Facebook has been working on what is to become a new payment network with a specialized cryptocurrency and its own implements; so called project Libra, along with notable founding members from MasterCard, Visa, eBay and Uber and many more. The recent official announcement of Libra project left billions of users ready and waiting, firms planning and predicting, investors projecting and forecasting.
Whether you want to immerse into the banking and financial sectors of technological development or participate in the entrepreneurial ventures, Montpellier Business School is the pathway to your goal. Founded in 1897, the school has achieved a respectable professional standing and multi-cultural student society. The quality of educational programs is globally acknowledged by its triple accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, and EPAS) and by being in world’s top 2% business school. With a great variety of business programs, the specialized MSc in Innovative Finance: Fintech, Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies can help you achieve your objective by providing a unique prospect to embark on your professional journey. The 10-months program combines a well-rounded expertise required for you to become a technology-led financial services innovator. Montpellier offers its students an opportunity to work on startups and high-end projects with more than 45 of its partner companies such as Volkswagen, L’Oréal and Nestle.
With more than 1000 foreign students from 70+ different countries, studying and living in the thriving city of Montpellier (which is located in southern France), comes the ideal occasion to experience a place of diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The strategic location of the city gives students the opportunity to go on a cultural voyage on the Mediterranean coast and enjoy the abundance of sunny and warm beaches. Not only is Montpellier a touristic dream, but also a train ride away from world-leading cities like Paris, Barcelona and Geneva.
If you can picture yourself achieving high excellence education in the field of Innovative Finance and are enthusiastic to join the financial sphere of worldwide age of change, do not let your chance slip away and apply to Montpellier Business School today!

Iana Skvortsova

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