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One of the leading study destinations in the world, the United kingdom is home to the University of Portsmouth. An institution that has invested in excess of £100 million into buildings and resources over the last 10 years, both to give students the facilities they’ll need to prepare for the working world, and to assist researchers in pursuing groundbreaking studies in their field. This is the main reason it was named as one of the most modern universities in the UK, and that’s saying something!


Need more reasons to study in Portsmouth?

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Be Part of a Well Respected Research Team!

Recently, Dr. Dave Martel and Steve Vidovic of Portsmouth university have published a paper on one of the oldest dinosaurs ever discovered! At Portsmouth, you will be able to participate in such programs, and who knows, maybe even publish a paper of your own!

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Apply Your Knowledge!

One of the main differentiating factors of Portsmouth University is the teaching method. The university has a firm belief in applied knowledge and therefore encourages its professors to take their students out into the field and have them experience the very thing that they are supposed to learn! Regardless of the major you choose to study, the professors are encouraged to help you gain the necessary experience in order to apply their knowledge and improve their understanding of the material.


Enjoy a First Rate Education!

Even-though Portsmouth University is considered to be a relatively young university, it is already ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide and among the top 100 in the list of universities under 50 years old! This is an incredile feat that very few universities can boast!


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