Why you should definitely study in New Zealand

          One of the hidden gems of study abroad destinations is New Zealand. Being one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, New Zealand is often overlooked in the overseas education conversation. When in fact, it is one of the most embracing countries in the world when it comes to foreigner acceptance. The government there does its best to make immigration and living in the country as easy as possible.
image- New Zealand


Students that choose to study in New Zealand have the opportunity to partake in world class education system, enjoy one of the most scenic nations on the planet (did i mention its where they filmed lord of the rings?), and an immigration system that actually wants you to stay. (Seriously though when you get there you have to check out the movie sets!)


       So let me tell you how this goes. In New Zealand the immigration system is dependent upon a points ranking system. In this system, an applicant for a skilled immigration visa will earn points points based on meeting certain criteria. Criteria such as age, English language proficiency, work experience, educational level…etc. For an interested individual to be considered for an immigrant visa application he/she must collect a minimum of 100 points. In the case the individual amassed 140+ points, he/she will automatically be invited to begin the visa application process that will in most cases end successfully.


 New Zealand Kiwi Bird      Now here is where things get interesting. Should the individual intending to apply for this visa be an international student studying in New Zealand, he is at a major advantage. Because the simple act of graduating from a university there is enough to award the student up to 75 points towards his/her immigration visa. What this basically means is that by studying and earning a degree in New Zealand you are more than halfway to earning your immigration visa.


       The deal still gets better. Because the rest of your points will be earned naturally through your English language proficiency and by whatever job offer you will secure due to the 12 month job search extension on your student visa. This extension will be awarded to you upon graduation from most majors in AIS for example.


       So to sum up, studying in New Zealand is easily one of the best decisions of your life. Whether your aim is to enjoy the scenery, meet amazing people, study in a world class university or work and live there, New Zealand got it all.

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