Zhōngguó, Living in the Red Dragon’s Belly!

Being one of the most historic cultural realms discerned, China is a robust country that has transpired to become the world’s most proficient economy. China, contrary to popular belief, has a lot more to offer than peculiar traditional food and red dragon festivals.
China has recently gone above and beyond to re-erect its education system into one that resides on the top shelf! In fact, the number of international students migrating to China has doubled in the past 10 years according to “Times Higher Education,” and with good reason.  Chinese universities are very well respected globally, and the proof for that is the presence of Chinese universities in world rankings. There were only 6 Chinese universities in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings back in 2011, whereas the number grew exponentially to 37 in 2015, which notably exceeds both Canadian and Australian Universities.
Besides, the government is investing very heavily in international students by offering more than 40,000 grants and scholarships per semester at approximately 230 stellar institutions. It tends to sponsor and foster international students to enrich its population’s diversity and enrich its culture and traditions.
It also goes without mentioning that the official Chinese language (Mandarin) is the most spoken language in the world; and is also known to be the forthcoming business dialect to substitute the English language. For instance, more than 12 million business trips occur annually from and to the vigorous nation, hence crafting a nucleus for growing enterprises and career opportunities. Therefore, committing to an education in such a boosting economy grants students the opportunity to expand their major-related dexterities and learn first-hand the key language.
n the same vein, career prospects are endless with the top 500 businesses in the world hosting main headquarters in China. It is a hub for innovation, motivation, and economic advantage; especially for international citizens and non-Chinese citizens; as the government aims to promote diversity and flexibility all across the nation.
It is also good to note that China is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations in the world, with tuition fees at top Chinese universities starting at $1,000 only! Accommodation, consumption, and entertainment are very affordable relative to Europe, the MENA region, and the US.
In a nutshell, the red dragon is a staggering destination to consider learning in, for more reason than one! From affordability to a hands down remarkable education system; its abundant offers do not cease! If you are looking for studying beyond an institution, and learning through an intricate culture and a myriad of traditions; China is the place for you!

Nathalie Chatila

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