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Life’s Rules

Life has some basic rules, the most prominent of which is: “To get a good job you need to go to a good school.” But for most Lebanese students, and a major chunk of the international student population, a very important factor in their choice of Study abroad destinations are the visa and immigration laws. This is due to their desire to have an option to work and live abroad in places where it’s generally easier to find work and higher salaries than in their home countries.

Study Work and Live AbroadThe Limelight has Shifted

This is especially prominent in Lebanese students due to the congested job market and the lack of diversity in the available domains. This is predictable in an economy that is extremely dependant on the services sector. In fact more than 50% of the students that come in to Studypedia inquiring about study abroad opportunities, request information on countries that grant work visas after the conclusion of their studies. This particular point has diminished the attractiveness of certain popular destinations (I’m looking at you UK) and shifted interest towards more immigrant friendly nations like New Zealand.

We Changed Too!

This shift has inspired us at Studypedia to look for and design new programs that are targeted at all of you that are not only looking to study but to work and live abroad. You can now apply to Studypedia and ask for the SWL program. The world has many hidden gems that we have uncovered and we are ready to help you find them!


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