Life Hacks: Nailing a Student Visa Interview

Study Abroad: Get a Student Visa


Here at Studypedia we spend our days opening up doors and opportunities for students to study abroad. We work day and night trying to make sure that our students get the acceptance letter from the university of their choice. We will coach them on everything, from writing a good essay, to filling up the application form correctly all the way to interview coaching. The hardest part of any application is the nailing the interview for the student visa. So here are a few tips on how survive that interview with flying colors!


  1. You only have one chance at a First Impression!

    Yes! First impressions definitely matter! Normally, visa interviews do not take very long due to the number of applications each interviewer has to deal with. Therefore, the interviewer will not have time to form a second opinion of an applicant. Dress for the occasion, make plans to arrive early, and most importantly, be confident.

  2. Practice your language skills!

    If you are applying for a student visa, the interview will most likely be done in English. Practice the language with someone, preferably a native speaker in order to ensure that you can understand the questions well and reply accordingly!

  3. Prepare your documentation beforehand

    This interview just might define the course of your entire life in the future, so give it the respect it deserves. Prepare everything you might need a couple of days before the interview to avoid last minute rushes. Make photocopies of everything, you never know what you might happen!

  4. Show why you must return to your country

    In the interview, you will be questioned on why are you applying for a temporary student visa. This is due to the fact that until you prove otherwise the interviewer will continue to look at you as someone who is intending to remain in the country illegally after the expiration of the visa.

  5. Research your university and program well

    In the interview you will be asked about your university of choice in detail. Make sure you identify the reason behind your travel and your choice of college. Therefore research the program well and know as many details as possible about the college in order to prove yourself!

  6. Be Positive!

    Positivity is key! Show the interviewer that you are excited to study abroad! Show also that you cannot wait to come back and apply your new-found knowledge in your homeland. Show the interviewer that your excited about this and that your are not hiding any malicious or devious intent. After-all you are not doing anything wrong!

The interview is possibly the most crucial step in the student visa application process! Give it the respect it deserves but make sure to remain positive!

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