Mainstream? I Think Not!

You graduate with a bachelor’s degree from college; and then comes the unavoidable question; what next? Most eager learners pursue an MBA… this pathway is more ancient than Word War I and the roaring ‘20s. While they were the talk of the town a while ago; it’s just old news now! MBAs are more accessible than ever… and with accessibility comes ennui; and dare I say it… being Average. With the ever-growing pool of bright young minds and the slimming of opportunity windows; employers are certainly not looking for Average. Behold, the 2.0 version of MBAs; the Executive MBA.
Now, a very unfortunate misconception wreaks havoc and confusion among fresh graduates. MBAs and EMBAs are definitely NOT the same notion! MBAs delve deep into hard skills like economics, finance, strategic management and marketing plans. They envelope students with theoretical approaches that deepen their understanding of a chosen emphasis; from Accounting and Finance, to Marketing and Human Resources. While theory and history have proven vital to embark on career journeys; they are simply not sufficient anymore in the real world.
EMBAs also generate a quick jump of income for an employee; as this degree is very valued in today’s market due to its specialized and innovative modules. Another perk is the not-so-mainstream emphases provided by EMBA programs; from Luxury Brand Management and Marketing and Sales; to Finance Strategies and Leadership and Innovation; there are countless degrees to choose from!
Corporate giants are not merely interested in memorizing business theories and objectives; they want employees to act; and not merely recite. This is where EMBAs swivel in.
EMBAs; while they offer what MBAs withstand; deliver undefeated soft skills and real-world experiences! Students get to tackle real-world business cases organized by partner corporations; focused on their relevant business emphasis that is. This medley of theory and practice is the ultimate symphony that rings in employers’ ears and sets one’s notes apart from the rest! Not to mention fast-paced classes that allow students to acquire knowledge in a vigorous and motivated environment.
The cherry on top is the flexibility of timings and schedules of EMBA courses; hence allowing students to resume/partake jobs whilst completing the degree. Better yet, according to HuffPost; as of the past decade, 32% of employers have covered EMBA tuitions for their personnel as part of their employee development plans; which likewise proves the vitality of this degree.
If you are interested in being UNaverage and embarking on a fruitful career journey; apply now to EMBAs!

Nathalie Chatila

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