Sport Management in Spain

Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain, it is located in south-east Spain. The region of Murcia is known by its mild temperatures, long hours of daylight and approximately 320 days of sun per year. The City Center is only 35 minutes away from natural beaches, mountains and countryside. Living in Murcia is considered to be cheap and affordable, especially for a student: approximately 500 Euros per month can cover all his/her expenses. Moreover, living in Murcia is so enjoyable, you can practice many outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, cycling and all beach sports.

As if it were a small continent in itself, Murcia is host to a variety of environments and landscapes which offer endless possibilities: beaches, rural areas, mountains, cities, traditions, folklore, culture, sports, fiestas and a healthy lifestyle, all come together to provide an active lifestyle. Two seas (the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean) meet on one coast, merging with impressive cliffs, heavenly secluded beaches of endless white sand, lively ports and wild coves with crystal clear water.

Historical sites such as Cartagena; an ancient Roman city, and Caravaca de la Cruz; one of the main holy cities that holds a piece of the Holy Cross, compelling visitors to go for long walks through the pedestrian streets to visit the magnificent churches and museums or just to enjoy the outdoor tapas. In addition, a calendar full of local festivities and traditions makes this the perfect place to party, mingle with people and enjoy the culture of this cheerful, welcoming and enchanting region.

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is a private university in Murcia. Its mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to serve society and contribute the further expansion of human knowledge through research and development. It empowers students to develop their own real-world skills. The campus’ top class infrastructure, its labs and studios, allied with practical learning components, will prepare students to put their acquired knowledge into action. Students have to complete an internship in a public or private institution where they will receive a taste of their future field of expertise. UCAM has established more than fifty research groups in close collaboration with enterprises such as, Coca Cola, DANONE, Vodafone and Siemens, providing some students the opportunity to contribute academically. UCAM values a combination of theoretical and practical learning methods, which dramatically influence student’s future success within the global workforce.

UCAM is named as the University of Sports in Spain, as sport is part of UCAM’s DNA. It is the only European university which has a professional basketball team in the top national league (Liga Endesa) competing with more than 20 other professional teams. In the Spanish inter-university sports competition, UCAM won 121 medals (73 gold) and was hailed the 2017 Champion after competing in 21 disciplines involving more than 2,000 university athletes. In the Olympic Games Rio 2016, more than 60 UCAM athletes participated and won 15 Olympic medals and 9 Paralympic medals. So definitely if you’re seeking to study a degree related to sports like BSc of Physical activity and sports science or MBA in Sports Management, you’ve come to the right place.

UCAM provides comprehensive support for athletes so that they can improve their athletic performance whilst granting them a university education that enables them to work in another profession once their sports careers finally wind down.

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