The Value of Mentorship

What is a mentor? A mentor is an individual who has become a leader in his own field. He/she is someone who has become adept at what he does and has chosen to pass on that information to a student or an apprentice. The Mentor/Mentee relationship is one based on trust, cooperation and mutual benefit. This relationship will lead to the growth of both parties as individuals as well as professionals. This relationship breeds a bond made of mutual respect that will benefit both parties. Life coaches such as Anthony Robins and Robert Kiyosaki believes that a mentor is the true fast track to growth.


The value of mentorship is currently unappreciated among millennials. Whether it is due to sheer arrogance or fear of inadequacy, few millennials actually actively seek mentorship. The value of a true mentorship can never be overstated. It simply is learning how to do things from those who have done it before. It is a shortcut that allows the Mentee to avoid making the same mistakes that his mentor has made. A very big advocate of such a principle is Anthony Robbins. He believes that finding a role-model/mentor is the best way to fast forward yourselves into reaching our desired objectives. After all practice is the mother of skill and these people have had plenty of it, why not learn from them.

The right mentor

But always remember that a mentorship is a give and take relationship. The mentor is normally a very busy individual and therefore needs to see benefit from taking on an apprentice. The mentee must show enthusiasm, skill, and most importantly dedication and commitment. What is the point of wasting time and effort trying to train an individual if that individual does not have what it takes ti make it and become successful? Any person attempting to get a mentorship must work hard to prove that he is worthy of such a valuable opportunity.

Yoda the Mentor



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Students nowadays have these great dreams leading on to the future, but the rarely understand the work that it takes for anyone to achieve those dreams. They miss out on the importance of planning and organising. Melennials have grown accustomed to the sharing economy and have missed out on the know-how of how to make it happen. They seek graduate school in hoped to achieve what is needed to make their dreams happen. But many professionals argue that the fact of the matter is that mentorship is of a greater importance than anything else. Mentorship provides the seeker with a real world experience provided by those who made the best of it.

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Finally, I need to stress the importance of internships! An internship is not just a proof of attendance at a certain institution. It is the opportunity to be part of the real world business scene, so be sure to soak the experirence up like a dehydrated sponge. Interning at a respectable firm or company is a huge oppurtunity to learn from the people there how things are done! It is a mentorship opportunity in disguise.


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