Soft Skills AHA

Soft Skills make the Hard Skills work!

Employers in the USA and throughout the world are wanting much more than the typical degree now more than ever in this era of technology. The goal of Soft Skills AHA is to close the knowledge gap between what is taught in schools and what employers look for. We provide a range of programs from Soft Skills Middle to Soft Skills High to Soft Skills PRO that are thorough, interesting, and interactive.

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

What's the difference?

Hard skills are the knowledge and skills specific to a work that employees require to successfully carry out their obligations. On the other hand, soft skills are the character traits that actually enable employees to thrive at work. While soft skills reveal which of these applicants are also strong in person, hard skills aid in identifying individuals who are strong on paper. This indicates that for any individual to succeed in their position, there needs to be a solid balance between hard and soft abilities.

Programs Available

Middle School

According to research, pupils perform better in their jobs the earlier they are prepared for employment by their schools. Employers throughout the world need much more than just degrees. The knowledge of soft skills like work ethics, accountability, communication, teamwork, and creativity has to be profoundly implanted in the minds of young professionals.
An engaging and fundamental online course called Soft Skills Middle was created with the goal of introducing middle school students to the ideas of personal and career exploration, assisting them in starting to recognize their strengths, interests, and values, and laying the groundwork for future success in the classroom, in daily life, and eventually in the workplace.

High School

The job market and the world have changed. Employers now are more interested than ever in team players who can work well with others, have good communication and problem-solving abilities, and show initiative and leadership in the workplace.
The goal of Soft Skills High is to give high school students a location and an online program where they may learn the soft skill curriculum, receive a certificate upon graduation, and use their skills in the job.

Workforce Development


Employers today are looking for candidates who possess more than just the necessary technical skills for the job; they also want team players who are willing to work as a team, have strong communication skills, a strong work ethic, the ability to solve problems under pressure, and have a positive outlook. With the support of the necessary employability abilities and soft skills required for the workplace of the twenty-first century, Soft Skills Pro is especially created to assist participants in getting ready to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Teacher PD

Introducing Soft Skills Pro for Teachers, the first professional development program in soft skills created especially for teachers. You may not be fully aware of what soft skills are or how to successfully use them to advance your teaching career and your life today, despite the fact that you have probably heard about soft skills and how students need to learn them in order to become successful employees and people in the future. Hard skills are the knowledge and skills specific to a work that employees require to successfully carry out their obligations. Soft skills are character traits that enable workers to succeed at work. To put it simply, soft talents enable the use of hard skills. In the classroom and out.
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