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The Value of Mentorship

What is a mentor? A mentor is an individual who has become a leader in his own field. He/she is someone who has become adept at what he does and has chosen to pass on that information to a student or an apprentice. The Mentor/Mentee relationship is one...
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4 Tips to Improve Your Study Patterns

Have you ever asked yourself how to study efficiently? Do you ever feel like you forget everything you learn? The most common barrier to success encountered by students is a lack of effective techniques for study and exam preparation. If you are one of...
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Ask The Experts: Get a Free Consultation on All Things Education!

Do you want to study abroad but have no idea what you need to do? Are you curious about what it would to take to study in a top ranked university in the UK? Is the major you seek not available in Lebanon? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above...
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The University of Portsmouth

One of the leading study destinations in the world, the United kingdom is home to the University of Portsmouth. An institution that has invested in excess of £100 million into buildings and resources over the last 10 years, both to give students the...
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Life Hacks: Nailing a Student Visa Interview

  Here at Studypedia we spend our days opening up doors and opportunities for students to study abroad. We work day and night trying to make sure that our students get the acceptance letter from the university of their choice. We will coach them...