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Anas Baalbaki – We’re Proud of You!

Anas Baalbaki is one of Studypedia’s success stories. We have managed to successfully get Anas into Anglia Ruskin University. One of the fastest growing universities in the UK. While There Anas chose to pursue a MSc in International Social Welfare...
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The First Lady on the Importance of Studying Abroad

If you ever were on the hesitant on studying abroad, let the first lady help you.
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This is Why We Do What We Do!

Dear Mr. Mohammad, I want to thank you very much for your great effort in helping me to apply for Australian universities and for the Australian student visa. The studypedia office‘s assessment was of high level proficiency and expertise. Although there...
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Sun Tzu : The Art of War

This article originally appeared on the EU Business Schools Blog. It was written by Evan Planchon, a student at EU. I took a few days off before starting the second year of my BBA in Sports Management and over the hot Spanish summer, I decided to sit...
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Public Speaking: A Key to Success (Infographic)

The benefits of public speaking are so many that it is nowadays considered as one of the defining traits of leadership! No other skill can allow an individual to grow as a person as much as this one. The benefits of public speaking are simply too numerous...
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The Advantage of an International Student

Things get even worse when one considers the number of exams the applicant must take and the high results he must achieve. This process is so grueling, that companies like “Studypedia” have been set up with the sole purpose of making the process easier.And...
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The Value of Mentorship

What is a mentor? A mentor is an individual who has become a leader in his own field. He/she is someone who has become adept at what he does and has chosen to pass on that information to a student or an apprentice. The Mentor/Mentee relationship is one...
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Life Hacks: Nailing a Student Visa Interview

  Here at Studypedia we spend our days opening up doors and opportunities for students to study abroad. We work day and night trying to make sure that our students get the acceptance letter from the university of their choice. We will coach them...
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Life Hacks: Think SMART! Achieve MORE!

Throughout life we find ourselves wanting to achieve more. We always want to do better, to make more money, to get fit… We always want a million things, but what is it that keeps us from achieving them? It’s not that we can’t do them,...
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Time for a Change: 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Have you ever sat in that same old boring classroom, looked outside the window and thought “I need a change”. It’s time to make that change and you will not believe how easy it is. Studying abroad is the answer. In case you’re feeling hesitant;...