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The Tech Skills Gap: The Paradox!

In recent years an unusual phenomenon is beginning to surface like cloud from the horizon. This phenomenon is characteristically paradoxical. It is the rise of unemployment and underemployment rates simultaneously. This type of paradox seems illogical...

Brexit Has Happened! But what does that mean for Students?

These past few weeks, “Brexit” was one of the strangest yet most discussed terms that has garnered attention from every major news outlet due to its importance and relevance to the world. Even noted comedian and news critique John Oliver has weighed...

The one thing 42% of Fortune 100 CEO’s have in common!

In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, individuality and uniqueness are extremely important. Though let’s face not all of us have been dealt a golden hand. Most of us look at the greats of the world wishing we were born with...

BPP: The UK’s only university solely dedicated to business and the professions

“BPP University’s aims are to promote excellence in professional education by being forward-thinking, progressive and innovative, to bridge the gap between education and professional practice, to inspire and challenge tomorrow’s business...

Study Abroad Travel Tips

When you choose Europe to study abroad, you will very likely have plenty of time to travel and look around. Here are some of the most frequently visited places in Europe according to a student survey.

Austria : Why is it the Best Study Destination in the World

Choosing your study destination is one of them most daunting tasks that any student can go through. Students can either go with the flow and study in the famous study destinations like the US, UK and Australia. Or they can choose more exotic destinations...

Public Speaking: A Key to Success (Infographic)

The benefits of public speaking are so many that it is nowadays considered as one of the defining traits of leadership! No other skill can allow an individual to grow as a person as much as this one. The benefits of public speaking are simply too numerous...

The Advantage of an International Student

Things get even worse when one considers the number of exams the applicant must take and the high results he must achieve. This process is so grueling, that companies like “Studypedia” have been set up with the sole purpose of making the process easier.And...

Time Management: The Pomodoro Technique

We all have been through that time when we find ourselves drowning underneath a workload so huge that ironically we end up procrastinating. Tackling that workload seems only like an endeavor fit only for the gods and we are simply not worthy of such an...

The Value of Mentorship

What is a mentor? A mentor is an individual who has become a leader in his own field. He/she is someone who has become adept at what he does and has chosen to pass on that information to a student or an apprentice. The Mentor/Mentee relationship is one...