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Koç University – Turkey

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Study in Dublin

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The Heart of Georgia

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University Of Lund

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A lifetime experience in Europe

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Land Your Dream Job Through Studying Abroad

Study abroad can and will change your life. It will expose you to new experiences and people from all walks of life. It will give you confidence, build your character, improve your problem-solving ability, it will even teach you to be comfortable in...
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Sun Tzu : The Art of War

This article originally appeared on the EU Business Schools Blog. It was written by Evan Planchon, a student at EU. I took a few days off before starting the second year of my BBA in Sports Management and over the hot Spanish summer, I decided to sit...
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Brexit Has Happened! But what does that mean for Students?

These past few weeks, “Brexit” was one of the strangest yet most discussed terms that has garnered attention from every major news outlet due to its importance and relevance to the world. Even noted comedian and news critique John Oliver has weighed...
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Study Abroad Travel Tips

When you choose Europe to study abroad, you will very likely have plenty of time to travel and look around. Here are some of the most frequently visited places in Europe according to a student survey.
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Austria : Why is it the Best Study Destination in the World

Choosing your study destination is one of them most daunting tasks that any student can go through. Students can either go with the flow and study in the famous study destinations like the US, UK and Australia. Or they can choose more exotic destinations...